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In honor of Robin Williams, my friend and I decided to host a week of art dedicated to him. If you would like to participate in it, here’s what we’re looking for on deviantART, Tumblr and here on Instagram: any art(paintings, sketches, drawings, photos, etc.) of Mr. Williams in your favorite role he’s done, something inspired by one of his quotes(preferably with the quote put into the piece somewhere), or even something from one of his stand up routines. If you put it up on Tumblr or deviantART then put it under “Robin Williams Dedication Week” or (this applies for here too) #RobinWilliamsDedicationWeek

Today we lost a man who brought joy to us all as several characters in many films, as a comedian, and as an all around fantastic human being. I can only imagine the demons he fought til the end. I will always remember him as a man who constantly made me laugh since I was a little girl. He will always be Peter Pan, Batty, Genie, Alan, Mrs. Doubtfire, Mort and many other characters to some. To me he’ll always be an all-around fantastic and hilarious guy. May he find peace in his next life and may love and light fill the hearts of his friends family and fans that suffer from his loss. Rest in Peace Robin Williams. You will be loved and missed for many years to come )0(
#RIPRobinWilliams #RobinWilliams #RestinPeace #GenieYouAreFinallyFree


I don’t care what someone’s race, sexuality or religion is. If you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you. If you’re going to cause a bunch of drama in my life then feel free to walk out the door.
I don’t live my life to please other people so if you don’t like me? Don’t talk to me. Simple as that. If I accidentally offend you don’t be a drama queen about it. Calmly talk to me about it and I will do my best to right the situation. However if you’re going to start shit just because of a misunderstanding or attack me then best believe I will block you from my life and my mind because I do NOT have the time to deal with someone’s bullshit.
I have lived my life filled with drama, arguments and other horse shit. I’m done with it. The only thing I wanna have in my life is the minimum amount of headaches and stress and be happy.
Sorry y’all this was just something stuck in my mind for months now and needed to get this off my chest.

Loki and Anouk(colored). Also before someone says ‘that’s not what loki wears!’ That’s his outfit he wore in his Asgardian prison cell. I know what Loki wears, one of my best friend is obsessed with him and I usually have to color pics of him for her. So please no forming an angry mob and lynching me
#Thor #Loki #LokiLaufeyson #marvel #OC #fanart #RolePlayArt

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